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Basic info

Kuang-Hui Peng 

Title:Dean. Head of Graduate Institute of Design.  Education:Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Environmental Planning and Management, Urban Design and Planning Permission, Community Planning and Disaster Prevention, Planning Law.

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2928 or 4561

Email :

Ding-Chin Chou

Education:Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Green building, Intelligent building, Lighting, Building energy Saving

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2906

Email :

James TJ Wang, PhD
Professor, Architecture

Research Interests: Architectural Design, Critical Pedagogy, Design Theory and  Methods, Design and Technology, Eco-Architecture.

Office: Design Hall, 551-2
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone: +886-2-27712171#2926

Curriculum Vitae

Chih-Hong Huang

Title:Executive Assistant to the Dean

Education:Prof. Ph.D.

Research:sustainable community-/ building- planning,housing policy and urban renewal/ development

Tel :  02-27712171 ext 2915 or 2901

Email :

Lih-Yau Song

Education:Associate Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Urban Planning and Design,Site Planning and Design,Geographic Information System,Research Methods

Tel :  02-27712171 ext 2913


Ying-Ming Su

Education:Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Urban design, urban regeneration, green BIM, eco-design, culture heritage and urban regeneration

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2909


Shu-Ying Tsai

Education:Associate Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Environmental Psychology, Architectural Design, Aged Architecture, Green Building.

Tel :  02-27712171 ext 2914

Email :

Yu-Chang Lin

Education:Associate Prof. Ph.D.

1.Building Fire Prevention Technology and Equipment Development Plan
2.Building Fire Evacuation Function Design
3.Building ,Urban and Large-scale Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Research
4.Investigation of Buildings Fire Evacuation Equipment

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2912

Email :

Kun-Chen Chang

Title:Chairman Education:Associate Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Architectural History and Theory, Heritage and Urban Conservation, Traditional and Vernacular Issues of Taiwan Architecture.

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2923

Email :

Wen-Cheng Shao

Education:Associate Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Architecture Environmental Control System, Healthy Green Building Materials Experimental Research, Indoor Environmental Quality, Sick Building Consultants

Tel :  02-27712171 ext 2903

Email :

Ching-Chuan Lin

Education:Assistant Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Architectural Design, Design Theory, Environmental and Urban Design

Tel :  02-27712171 ext 2910 or 2919

Email :

Shih-Hung Yang

Education:Assistant Prof. Ph.D

Research:Building lifecycle Assessment, Property Management ,Building Construction, Performance of building external wall materials, Slip resitance measuring for flooring materials

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2905

Email :

Rémi Wei-Chou WANG

Education:Assistant Prof. Ph.D.

Research:History of European Architecture,Conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage,Architectural Design, History of Colonial Cities and Modern Urbanism, Urban Conservation.

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2935

Email :







Research Fields:

Meiheui Li

Education: Assistant Prof. Ph.D.

Research:Specialized in architectural designing and planning for seniors and young children and renovation projects.

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2911

Email :

Wan-Yu Liu

Education: Lecturer

Research:Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication, Design Methodology, Contemporary Architectural Theory, Architectural Representations

Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2936

Email :

Jen-Hui Tsai(Retirement)

Title:Dean, College of Design

Education:Prof. Ph.D.


Tel : 02-27712171 ext 2908

Email :


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