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     Department of Architecture has a long history as the oldest domestic architecture department. Its creation can be dated back to 1912 by the industrial workshop times. And the first graduates have graduated in 1915, which has cultivated countless talents of the construction community for Taiwan . After Taiwan's retrocession, we restructured Taipei Industrial School into ntut, and the group of architecture in 1963 and 1966, respectively, under the section of Civil Engineering and the Industrial Design , and till 1987 it became an independent section called "Architectural Design ". After restructured  into Taipei Technical College, the Department of Architecture, 90 years, has achieved the glory and a cornerstone of Taiwan¡¦s construction industry today.

Academic Systems 


Graduate School(day)¡BGraduate School (continuting education)¡B4-year programs¡B two-year continuting education

Student Profiles

Student sources

Graduate school¡G Every public and private universities architecture, urban planning and related departments graduates or in conformity with the relevant provisions of the-job training staff

University¡GGraduates of public and private vocational school (high school) and students   recommended for the admission.

Continuting Education¡GEducating practical on site technological capacities.

The number of classes

There are Graduate school and graduate school in continuting education which will admit at about 45 people each year. Regarding to the undergraduate program, there are 4 year and two year program situated on day, night, and weekend. In addition to continuting education which stopped its recruitment in 1997, the remaining structure were vibrant and stable growth. Total enrollment is about 360.

Further education and Employment directions

further education

Domestic relevant graduate schools

employment direction

The construction, urban planning, urban design, space design, landscape architecture, real estate management, environmental planning and management, engineering consultants, applied arts, construction, academic research, architects, planners, designers, landscape architects, engineers, professional teachers, administrators.

Research and development


Encouraging teachers of teaching, research, service and promotion. Providing research and internship opportunities for students.



Architectural History and Theory Study
Building Structures
Design Theory and Methods
Housing and Community Planning
Construction administration and project management
Physical environment control of buildings
Design and construction plans
Urban Planning and Design
Architecture and urban disaster precaution
Urban Development
Teaching and research group
Architectural theory and history
Urban Planning and Design
Architectural design
Environment control, structures, equipments
Landscape Architecture
Computer-aided design


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